Adam Gant is an experienced real estate professional with a deep interest in housing finance and home ownership. Although his professional endeavours are very demanding, Adam Gant has remained a committed philanthropist over the years. He has been involved in a number of humanitarian projects throughout Mexico, Dominican Republic, and most recently, Haiti.

As a real estate entrepreneur, Adam Gant approaches many of his philanthropic pursuits through a real estate lens. He is most passionate about causes related to economic empowerment, human rights, and poverty alleviation. This has motivated Adam to get involved with organizations that aim to reduce poverty and build communities through the construction of projects ranging from homes to health clinics. Adam Gant’s community-oriented mindset is a great resource for the many organizations with which he is involved.


Live Different is an incredible organization, which has had a significant positive impact on communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. The organization takes high school students in Canada on trips to these countries to help build houses, schools, health clinics, and much more. These trips have become life-changing experiences for thousands of Canadians who are able to see the impact of their efforts first hand.

In 2006, Adam Gant met Vaden Earle, a best-selling author and the founder of Live Different. He was inspired to help Vaden in his pursuits to grow the program and make a real difference in the world. Adam Gant has been a major donor as well as a volunteer, partaking in several build trips himself.

Adam found these trips to be extremely rewarding, as he was able to make a lasting impact on each community. Even more rewarding, however, was watching Canada’s youth respond to the cause in such incredible ways. There have been numerous students who have returned from these trips, realizing how good they have it, and changed their life plans to pursue careers in humanitarianism.


Building off the success of the Live Different organization, Vaden Earle has enlisted the help of Adam Gant for the creation of the Silhouette Foundation. Their goal is to give people a better understanding of what it takes to dramatically improve someone’s life. In reality, it does not take that much to save thousands of lives in areas of need, especially those affected by a natural disaster.

They are currently collaborating on a book, detailing their experiences in Haiti following the horrific earthquake that devastated the city of Port Au Prince. They hope that this inspirational story will encourage people to go on their own humanitarian adventures. As people begin to understand how much good they can do in the world, with only a small amount of resources, Adam Gant believes that a wave of positive development for these communities can soon follow. The book will also provide a window into a new way of thinking about global equity which will be the basis for the approach taken by the Silhouette Foundation.


Adam Gant has been involved in his local community of Victoria as well. He has dedicated his time as a volunteer and serve food to the members of Our Place Society, an inner-city community centre serving some of Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable populations, including the working poor, impoverished elderly, mentally and physically challenged, and the homeless. Our Place Society serves over 1,200 meals per day, and provides hot showers, free clothing, counselling, and outreach services, as well as 45 transitional housing units. Most importantly, the organization provides a real sense of hope and belonging for all neighbours in need.

Those who run, operate, and volunteer with Our Place Society strive to embody certain values such as unconditional love, teamwork, and a sense of belonging. The Good Neighbour Agreement, upheld by local members of the community as well as representatives of Our Place Society, is geared toward alleviating common issues associated with poverty and improve conditions in the community. Regular meetings occur that promote open discussion, collaboration, and communal efforts to take action. 

This organization is dependent on donations and volunteers, and though it has seen an uptick in resources available thanks to individuals like Adam Gant who provide funding and volunteer hours, Our Place Society continually requires external support in order to consistently uphold its mission statement.


The Greater Victoria Housing Society was founded in 1956 in an effort to provide safe, affordable rental housing to individuals and families that have such a need and lack the funds or resources to acquire it themselves. Some of the primary focuses of this organization include independently-living adults who have disabilities as well as senior citizens and working-class individuals.

In 2010 Adam Gant made a contribution to the Greater Victoria Housing Society in conjunction with helping to facilitate the Society’s acquisition of their first “market to affordable” building to be added to their portfolio. The $2 million dollar acquisition of the 19 unit apartment building on Quadra St. in Victoria allowed the Greater Victoria Housing Society to add further homes to their affordable rental program providing long-term housing to those most in need.



In general, Adam Gant is notably passionate about charitable organizations and philanthropic initiatives. With a humanitarian perspective, Adam strives to use his position and resources to provide aid and resources to those in need. Through his many philanthropic involvements and personal missions, Adam Gant emboldens himself and others to take action, utilize their own resources, and help those around them.