Philanthropy is an ancient Greek word that roughly translates “to love mankind”. It doesn’t – contrary to the opinions of some – merely refer to the act of wealthy people writing checks. In the digital age of connection where communication with people halfway around the world can happen in a matter of seconds, the development of technologies that help to fight poverty is genuinely extraordinary.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our ability to support organizations from the comfort of our smartphones. Often, making a difference is just a click away. And while there is no substitute or better way to transcend our circumstances than by actively giving of ourselves and engaging with people, the simple fact that we can help, even in the smallest of ways, in such a quick and accessible manner is truly worth spotlighting.

Below are three great (free) ways you can help not only alleviate poverty but fight to eliminate it from the comfort of your home and the ease of your smartphone.

Pictures Against Poverty

Donate A Photo, an app by Johnson & Johnson, allows people to help fight poverty by simply taking a photo. This app is free and easy, and for every photo “donated” Johnson & Johnson will make a charitable donation of $1 towards the organization of your choice. Each person is allowed to upload one photo per day, which is an easy $365 given to charity through the course of a year, with no charge on account of the person snapping the selfies.

Walk for Water

Charity Miles is a free app that tracks your steps and donates money to a charity of your choice for each mile. It’s another great free app that provides you the chance to give while you also get your daily dose of exercise. One of the charities you can donate to is charity:water, an excellent philanthropic effort that provides clean drinking water to people who lack it. Currently, there are 800 million people who still do not have access to clean drinking water, and Charity Miles allows you to give to charities that are actively addressing that problem.

Helping Corporations Care

Tinbox is a free app that donates participating corporation’s dollars on behalf of your donation. The app is free, so all you have to do is log in, tap ‘donate’, and you are spending corporate dollars to help fight poverty. The app lets you give one dollar a day to a specific project a charity is working on, and it’s another creative and exciting way to ban together and help people.

For all of the complications that modernity has ushered in when it comes to fighting poverty, there are more ways than ever to help, even if it is in seemingly small ways. We all have the responsibility and opportunity to help our neighbor, and the above-mentioned apps, as well as many more, are indeed beneficial and edifying ways to do so.